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The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center provides science-based nutrition information translated into practical tips, realistic guidelines, individualized meal plans, and personalized diet, lifestyle, and wellness coaching.

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Family Meals MatterFamily Meals Matter!

Mushroom Orzo with Fresh HerbsMushroom Orzo with Fresh Herbs


KRNC_5210Nutrition_smallNutrition hot topic: 5-2-1-0

The 5-2-1-0 message is a great reminder of what kids need for optimal health and well-being. Even if you do not...
Better breakfast habitsFall into Better Habits: September is Better Breakfast Month

September is Better Breakfast Month, so now is a great time to give some thought to the first meal of the...
Family Meals MatterFamily Meals Matter

Research shows that families who eat together reap benefits that include stronger family ties, improved communications skills, and empathy. There is...

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