KRNC Student Spotlight

July 10, 2017

Brianna Ray is a Colorado native and former CSU graduate with a BS in Dietetic Management and Minor in Spanish. During her time at CSU she was able to study abroad in Costa Rica and work at a nutrition center where she became fluent in the language. She is currently in pursuit of becoming a Registered Dietitian as a Dietetic Intern working at the KRNC.

Brianna is still exploring the various pathways that dietetics has to offer. Previously, she has enjoyed working with children in the prevention of childhood obesity and is interested in the psychology behind eating. She hopes to use her bilingual skills to reach a wider range of clients. Being hands-on in the kitchen and sharing her love of cooking with others is a passion of hers.

Brianna has been extremely grateful to have the opportunity to return back to her 'homeland' at CSU to work at the KRNC. She has loved having all the opportunities to engage with the staff at the KRNC who serve as her mentors and are helping transition her into her future career. Between the cooking classes, community outreach, shadowing of client appointments, and development of nutritional materials she has had such great, well-rounded experience!

Contact:  Melissa Wdowik

Telephone:  970-491-8615