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International Cookbook

Travel the world without leaving your kitchen! This book provides over 50 recipes from 10 countries, including India, Greece, France, Japan, and more. Included are nutrition information and tips. Cost: $15, includes shipping.

Healthy You: Weight Management and Mindful Eating Program (self-paced program)

Download our curriculum of 10 self-paced units that will help you lose weight by learning behavior change, portion control, hunger and fullness cues, eating mindfully, meal planning, and more. Each unit contains: A newsletter with information on both nutrition and physical activity, handouts, recipes, activities, and homework to ensure ongoing motivation. Cost: $75, link for downloading provided at time of purchase.

Gluten-Free Cookbook

Following a gluten-free diet can be a challenge, but we have tested and prepared dozens of delicious, easy, and affordable recipes for you to make in your own kitchen. From salads and breads to entrees and desserts, over 150 recipes are presented along with nutrient facts and nutrition tips. Perfect if you cook for anyone who is gluten-free. Cost: $15, includes shipping.

Gluten-Free Survival Kit

The gluten-free diet is often in the news, but there is much confusion (and myths) about the facts and guidelines. Our kit includes a breadth of information, including frequently asked questions about diagnoses and management; tips for shopping, cooking, baking and eating; how to avoid common nutrient deficiencies; and resources. Written by Registered Dietitians and faculty in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Cost: $5, includes shipping.

Delectable Dining Cookbook

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center presents over 160 recipes it has tested and presented in the past 3 years, categorized into 15 categories for easy use and understanding. Recipes feature practical, inexpensive ingredients and have been enjoyed by busy families and dedicated foodies. This publication includes nutrition information per serving of each recipe as well as nutrition and meal preparation tips. Cost: $15, includes shipping.