Gluten-Free Eating

Gluten-free eating can be challenging when you are learning to buy and prepare new foods, as well as making sure you are getting adequate nutrients. With that in mind, we have created a variety of tools to help you with this journey!

Individual Nutrition Coaching

Meet with a registered dietitian to discuss the many details of following a gluten-free diet, including eating balanced meals, label reading, dining out, and individualized goals.

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Gluten-Free Cooking Classes

Our popular gluten-free cooking classes tackle common gluten-free challenges including baking, grains, salads and side dishes, entertaining guests, and more. Schedule one for your group and we will adjust the menu to meet your needs.

Gluten-Free Survival Kit

For a small fee, you can access five research-backed handouts that provide valuable nutrition and health information. Topics covered are those asked most often by our clients and callers: Frequently Asked Questions, Staying Healthy Gluten Free, Tips for Eating Gluten Free, Tips for Gluten Free Baking, and Resources for Celiac.

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Gluten-Free Cookbook

Gluten-free eating does not mean living on bland processed grains from the grocery store. If you are wondering what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or trying to meet the needs of a gluten-free eater while still pleasing the palates of others, this cookbook is for you! It contains 60 tried-and-true gluten-free recipes tested and enjoyed in the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center. Each recipe includes a nutrient analysis.

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Gluten-Free Dining Series Videos

Like the Food Network, we believe seeing us in action is the best way to feel confident and prepared to try a new recipe. For your viewing pleasure, we provide three recording of live cooking classes that demonstrate easy, delicious, and nutritious gluten-free recipes. Following each video, look for the link to a free recipe! Additional recipes are found in our two cookbooks.

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Gluten-Free Eating