Individual Diet & Nutrition Coaching

Meet with a registered dietitian nutritionist in a confidential environment - our new offices or virtually via secure computer or telecoaching. Your dietary intake and lifestyle will help us make realistic recommendations for your individualized goals and needs as well as grocery shopping, cooking, and meal planning suggestions. Body measurements included if desired.

To assure we can best meet your needs, please call the KRNC (970) 495-5916 to schedule your appointment before making payment.

We offer counseling for a variety of nutritional needs. Click here to schedule an individual diet and nutrition appointment or call us at (970) 495-5916.


  • Diabetes is a major health issue and one of the top 10 causes of death in the U. S. Let us help you prevent, manage, or learn more about how to control diabetes without letting it control you. Click here for more information.

Weight Loss

  • Losing and then maintaining weight can be challenging. Without gimmicks, we work with you for permanent behavior change to address eating triggers, meal planning, mindfulness, and portion control. Choose the method that works best for you! Click here for more information.

Gluten-Free Eating

  • Gluten-free eating can be challenging when you are learning to buy and prepare new foods, as well as making sure you are getting adequate nutrients. With that in mind, we have created a variety of tools to help you with this journey! Click here for more information.

Heart & Metabolic Disease

  • Apple shape? Insulin resistance? Inflammation? Learn your risk factors and get an individualized approach to preventing and treating these disorders.

Digestive Disorders & Gastrointestinal Health

  • If you have discomfort or pain, you shouldn’t have to suffer. Our integrated approach to care for your digestive tract includes nutrition assessment and meal planning along with a discussion of other lifestyle factors and appropriate referrals as needed. Click here for more information.

Food Sensitivities & Intolerances

  • Learn about food allergens, label reading, recipe modification, and food substitutions to still enjoy a healthy diet while creating a safe environment. If you are not sure what foods or ingredients you are allergic to, work with our certified food allergy specialists on an elimination diet and meal planning!


  • Dealing with cancer, or wanting to prevent it? We can help you optimize your diet, manage symptoms, and learn about supplements, antioxidants, weight management, sugar, and other hot topics.

Sports Nutrition

  • Optimize your performance with a nutrition and hydration plan from our experts. Years of experience with all ages, levels, and needs!

Click here to schedule an individual diet and nutrition appointment or call us at (970) 495-5916.

Nutrition Coaching