Group Nutrition & Cooking Programs

Cooking Classes

Improve your kitchen confidence, impress your loved ones, cut food costs, or simplify your dinner routine with the skills, tips, and recipes provided by Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center cooking classes. All recipes are tested for taste, ease, and maximum nutrition before your class, and you get to eat your fill. Participate or watch, depending on your comfort level.

Healthy You: Weight Management & Mindful Eating Program

We have what you need for successful weight loss and a life-long journey of good health! Our research-based methods and high success rate continue to make this a popular program for all ages and backgrounds.

Choice 1: Interactive Program cost $100 for complete series ($60 for CSU employees and students)

Choice 2: Self-Paced Program (cost $75)

Diabetes in the Kitchen

Our 90 minute diabetes workshop takes you from the classroom (for an overview and update on diabetes) to the kitchen (for hands-on cooking fun). Click here for more information.

Dining with Diabetes Program

This popular, successful 4-week program will help you control your prediabetes and type 2 diabetes with practical skills for daily living. Click here for more information.

Current Topics in Nutrition

With the science of nutrition constantly evolving, it is important to turn to the experts to stay up-to-date. We have over a dozen timely topics to present to your group, at our site or yours. Click here for more information.

Group Nutrition Programs