Cooking Classes and Demos

Custom Cooking Classes

Improve your kitchen confidence, impress your loved ones, cut food costs, or simplify your dinner routine with the skills, tips, and recipes provided by Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center cooking classes. All recipes are tested for taste, ease, and maximum nutrition before your class, and you get to eat your fill. Participate or watch, depending on your comfort level. View more details.

Cooking 101

Do you need some basic cooking instruction and nutrition tips? Schedule your own personal cooking class!

Eating out and relying on convenience foods can be costly, both for your health and your wallet. Preparing more food at home may help you save money, eat better, and get your whole family more involved in a healthy lifestyle. View more details.

Cooking Demos

Food Demo Packages are a novel way for your group to try new recipes! We demonstrate while providing instructions, nutrition tips, and enough food for everyone to sample.

Food Demo recipes are quick, easy-to-prepare snacks and meals that you can incorporate into your personal cooking repertoire; printed copies are provided for each participant. Choose 1-2 recipes for your personalized demonstration. View more details.

Videos of Cooking Classes

Take a peek at what can be expected when you sign up for a Date Night or custom cooking class for your group! We walk you through each of the recipes on the menu but set you loose to make them on your own. We provide all the ingredients! View more details.

Group Nutrition Programs